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The Fats Boys

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The Fats Boys is a tribute to the famous piano player and singer from the New York of the 1930’s and 40’s, Thomas« Fats » Waller,interpreting various hits written and interpreted

by this creator of genius. 


The trio is comprised of Brenno Boccadoro at the piano, Professor of Musicology at the Geneva University, expert in the style « piano stride », Adriano Bassanini and Thomas Winteler, respectively trumpet and clarinet - sax soprano players, well known in the jazz scene as musicians and concert organisers.  The three friends have all studied in music conservatories in Italy and Switzerland and remain versatile in both classical and jazz music.  

To complete their repertoire The Fats Boys also interpret great jazz standards of Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet.


Recent projects by The Fats Boys explored the origins of jazz and particularly those connected to Ragtime and the music of Kurt Weill.     

Adriano Bassanini : trumpet, vocals

Thomas Winteler : clarinet, soprano saxophone

Brenno Boccadoro : piano

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The Fats Boys is a trio in its original formation, which can take different configurations depending on the artistic projects and upon the needs of our clients :

Laurence Guillod & The Fats Boys (Tribute to Kurt Weill)

The Fats Boys & Rhythm

The Fats Boys Ragtime Band

The Fats Boys Ragtime and Jazz Band



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On sale at concerts

or via post

CHF 20 plus shipping costs


Adriano Bassanini

Tel. +41 77 204 9323


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