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Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse is back in force after two years of great disruption. As the 2020 Edition could not take place, that of 2021 impacted by several restrictions, the 2022 edition will flourish again with a colorful international programming.


The program for this year that I have concocted for you remains faithful to the soul of the festival: jazz. While remaining rooted in the origins of jazz, as will be the case with the inaugural concert on June 18th with the Armstrong's Ambassadors, that of July 30th with the young and dynamic Italian orchestra the Chicago Stompers, as well as the concerts Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse Outside the walls on July 10th and August 14th with The Cakewalking Babies and the New Orleans Hot Shots, the program will follow the different variations of jazz over time and its different stylistic expressions. Swing will be in the spotlight on July 23rd with the Swing Ambassadors and Madrid singer Susana Sheiman, as well as on July 9th with the King Louis Swing Orchestra, a concert dedicated to dance. Dance will also be in the spotlight on August 20th, with an evening dedicated to Latin jazz and salsa with Conjunto Salsometro, a group of high-flying Cuban musicians. Prestige concert on July 2nd with the cream of gypsy jazz, the Django AllStars, whose fame has been forged over the past ten years on major world stages, including Carnagie Hall in New York. We will follow jazz in other variations, soul jazz with Organic Flowers "Soul Connection" on June 25th, and rhythm & blues with Cat & The Mint on August 13th to end with the funky rhythms of Just About Fun-K by present-day New Orleans for the closing night on August 27th. On this occasion we will have the honor to welcome on stage Kirk Joseph, the sousaphonist of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and the Indian Chief Big Chief Juan Pardo with his magnificent traditional costume.


Fort L'Ecluse with its new lights will be the backdrop of the festival which offers all concerts with free entry. On behalf of the Pays de Gex Agglo and its Culture Department team, I have the great pleasure of inviting you to this wonderful musical season that is Jazz In Fort L’Ecluse.

Adriano Bassanini


Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse

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Concerts at Fort L'Ecluse - Free Entry

Concerts Hors Les Murs - Free Entry

Concerts at the Orangerie of the Voltaire Castle - €15

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Adriano Bassanini

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Orangerie du Château de Voltaire - Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse Chez Voltaire.jpg

(c) Anne Corcelle

Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse Chez Voltaire

April 21th 2022
Orangerie du Château de Voltaire


Marcel Loeffler
May 19th 2022
Orangerie du Château de Voltaire


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Fort L'Ecluse


(c) Jazzin'Productions

Armstrong's Ambassadors (DE, UK)
June 18th 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

Organic Flowers "Soul Connection"(CH)
June 25th 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

Django AllStars (FR)
July 2nd 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

King Louis Swing Orchestra (CH)
July 9th 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

Swing Ambassadors & Susana Sheiman (FR, ES)
July 23rd 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

Chicago Stompers (IT)
July 30th 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

Cat & The Mint (DE, FR)
August 13th 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

Conjunto Salsometro (CU, CH)
August 20th 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

Just About Fun-K (US)
August 27th 2022
Fort L'ecluse - 20h00 - Free Entry

Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse Hors Les Murs

2021-07-11 15.08.51.jpg

Col de la Faucille

The Cakewalking Babies (CH)
July 10th 2022
La Faucille - 14h30 - Free Entry

2021-08-15 13.49.44.jpg

Golf de la Valserine (Mijoux)

New Orleans Hot Shots (CH)
August 14th 2022
Golf de la Valserine (Mijoux) - 14h30 - Free Entry

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Mr. PC feat. Fred Wesley

Silvan Zingg

Dizzy Birds

Jazzin' Brass Band

Galaad Moutoz Swing Orchestra

Les Haricots Rouges

Paolo Alderighi & Stephanie Trick



Erik Truffaz 


Stochelo Rosenberg


Fred Wesley & Mr. PC


Mighty Mo Rodgers

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The BIG Chris Barber Band


Flavio Boltro


JJ Thames


Dutch Swing College Band


Stefano Saccon


LaVelle Duggan

2014-06-13 - Jazz In Fort l'Ecluse (198)
2015_08_08 - The Fantastic Harlem Driver
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Nicolas Renard
"The King" of Fort L'Ecluse