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2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Festival

Click on the icons for the full programs:

Regularly follow the "Events" page on this web site for the latest concert news. 

Concerts at Fort L'Ecluse - 8:00pm - Free Entry

Concerts Hors Les Murs - 2:30pm - Free Entry

Concerts at the Orangerie du Château de Voltaire - 8:30pm - €15

(purchase via ticketing web site)

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Adriano Bassanini


Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse Chez Voltair 2023

Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse Chez Voltaire 2023

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Château de Voltaire.jpeg

Château de Voltaire

Orangerie du Château de Voltaire - Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse Chez Voltaire.jpg

(c) Anne Corcelle

Orangerie du Château de Château

Lucas Buclin
Improvisation sur Films Muets 

January 12th 2023

2023-01-12 21.30.39.heic

Dario Napoli
Modern Manouche Project

Special Guest
Baiju Bhatt 
February 16th 2023

March 16th 2023

Marc Crofts Klezmer Ensemble 
April 13th 2023
Orangerie du Château de Voltaire


Lost In Swing 
May 18th 2023
Orangerie du Château de Voltaire


Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse 2023
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Fort L'Ecluse.jpeg

Professor Wouassa (CH, FR)
June 17th 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

Wax & Boogie (ES, UK)
June 24th 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

Aurore Voilqué Septet (FR)
July 1st 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

Stochelo Rosenberg Trio (NL, FR)
July 8th 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

Paul Mac Bonvin (CH)
July 22nd 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

Origina Prague Syncopated Orchestra (CZ)
July 29th 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

Philipp Fankhauser (CH)
August 5th 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

James Andrews &
Frank Salis
 (US, CH, PL)
August 19th 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

Mighty Mo Rodgers (US, IT)
August 26th 2023
Fort L'Ecluse

Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse History

Discover the History of the Festival

Click on the Posters

for the full program, videos

and pictures of the annual editions.  

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Mr. PC feat. Fred Wesley

Silvan Zingg

Dizzy Birds

Jazzin' Brass Band

Galaad Moutoz Swing Orchestra

Les Haricots Rouges

Paolo Alderighi & Stephanie Trick



Erik Truffaz 


Stochelo Rosenberg


Fred Wesley & Mr. PC


Mighty Mo Rodgers

The BIG Chris Barber Band & Adriano.jpg

The BIG Chris Barber Band


Flavio Boltro


JJ Thames


Dutch Swing College Band


Stefano Saccon


LaVelle Duggan

2014-06-13 - Jazz In Fort l'Ecluse (198)
2015_08_08 - The Fantastic Harlem Driver
2013-07-05 - Jazz Fort l'Ecluse (246).JP

Nicolas Renard
"The King" of Fort L'Ecluse

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