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As the Artistic Director and Presenter of the Festival I invite you to come and join us to take advantage of the fantastic choice of concerts Jazz In Fort L'Ecluse has to offer.  

Come and meet me at any one of the festival events :-)


All concerts except Sep. 13th, Oct. 11th and Nov. 8th - €15

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Adriano Bassanini

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Frank Salis & Michael Watson (US, CH)

June 22nd 2019

JT & The Ka-nection Band (US)

June 29th 2019

International All-Star Band

fest. David Torkanowsky 

(US, AU, FR, PT)

July 6th 2019

The Moving Cats & Thomas Winteler (CH)

July 14th 2019

The Sassy Swingers (FR)

July 20th 2019

Hommage à Nat King Cole (CH) 

July 27th 2019


JPZ Jazz Band (FR) 

July 27th 2019

Atelier Pré-HEM (CH) 

August 17th 2019

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Perry Gordon & his Rhythm Club (FR) 

August 10th 2019

Burgundy Swing (FR) 

August 11th 2019

The Oyster Brothers &

The Funky Swing Dancers (FR)

August 17th 2019

"What The Funk"(CH)

August 24th 2019


JJ Thames (US, IT)

August 24th 2019

Chris Barber

The BIG Chris Barber Band (GB)

August 31st 2019

Olivia Trummer

Jean-Lou Treboux (DE, CH)

September 13th 2019

Jean-Yves Poupin Trio (CH)

October 11th 2019

Stefano Saccon « SoulPower » Quartet (CH)

November 8th 2019